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TY Tractor, Top Quality Tractor in China, We a professional tractror manufacturer and supplier of farm machienry especially in the field of tractor and implement. with competitive prices and excellent after-sales service, TY have highly qualified staff, including both senior employees who have more than 15 years' import/export experience and new employees who have just graduated from foreign trade colleges Tractor and farm implements. These series tractor can do various kinds of job engineering with characteristics......

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New Products

  • WH454 TractorModel WH454 Type 4WD Overall Dimension(LxWxH)(mm) 370016002130 Wheel Base(mm) 1900 Min.Operating Mass(Kg) 1650 Shifts (Forward/Reverse/Creeper) 8/2 Min. Ground Clearance(mm) 380 Rev. Speed of PTO(r/min) 540/1000...
  • WH704 TractorModel WH504 WH604 WH704 WH804 HW904 Type 44WheeledType 44WheeledType 44WheeledType 44WheeledType 44WheeledType Dimensions ofTractor (mm) Length 3700 3700 3900 3900 4000 Width 1710 1710 1795 1795 1900 Height 2160 2160 2300 2300 2610 Tread Fr...

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Please take a few minutes check our "How to Choose". Let the file help you to choose a suitable Fence Solution Design for your particular application.