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TY Tractor,  Top Quality Tractor in China,

We a professional tractror manufacturer and supplier of farm machienry especially in the field of tractor and implement. with competitive prices and excellent after-sales service.

TY have highly qualified staff, including both senior employees who have more than 15 years' import/export experience and new employees who have just graduated from foreign trade colleges.

Has two assembly plant, tractors power  from 8HP to 100HP, 2WD or 4WD,
Tractor and farm implements.  These series tractor can do various kinds of job engineering with characteristics as following:
1. With the fluid driving on whole structure, it has characteristics as compact structure and agile operation, which leads it work freely in incommodious field where large machine can not achieve.
2. The working implements are connected with tractor in quick linkage type, and the hydraulic pipes are connected by quick coupling, which are easy for assembly.
3. The tractor hydraulic system affords power to front loader, back hoe and tractor lift equipments. Hydraulic oil tank is designed according to the international standard, which is easy for maintenance.