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Walking Tractor
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Walking Tractor with Rotary Tiller

Walking Tractor with Rotary Tiller

rotavator rotary cultivator

rotary plow gyrotiller

tiller tiller with seat

2 Technical Features:
1GS-90D-3 Rotary tiller is driven by the tractor's out-put shaft. During operation, the soil is crumbled 
by the rotating and forwarding of the blades fixed on the shaft.A rotary tillage can reach several times 
of soil crushing effect of common plough.
Its performance feature is high hack ability, not only suitable for farmland dry plough and hydroponics,
but also for saline-alkali soil shallow cultivation and mulching,aiming of uprise of salts restraint, 
stubble cleaning and weeding, green manure overturn, vegetable soil preparation,etc.
After tillage, the surface is smooth and soft, can meet the requirements of intensive cultivation. 
Being time saving and labor-saving, it has been one of the main matched farm implements for 
paddy filed and dry land mechanized tillage and soil preparation.
The rotary uses intermediate drive, bilateral symmetry. Its structural features are compact, high work 
efficiency, low fuel consumption, large soil humidityapplication range.

1 Technical Parameters:
NO. Item Parameters
1 Dimension(Length×Width×Height) mm 1020×950×780
2 Total Weight kg 81
3 Matched Power Kw 5.15-8.82
4 Working Width cm 90
5 Working Depth cm 8-12
6 Driving Mode Direct Connection
7 Knife Roll Turning Radius mm 195
8 No. of Rotary Blade(pcs) 18

Rotary tiller:
NO. item data
1 Model 1GS-100
2 Matching tractor: 12-18 hp walking tractor
3 Type of power trans: Middle gear trans
4 Power divide type: Handle divide gear type
5 Coulter number: 24(left/right:12)
6 Plough width(cm) 100
7 Plough depth(cm) water 10-14/dry 8-12