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TY Tractor-4WD
TY Tractor,China Tractor Manufacturer with OEM Serives.

Farm Tractor

Farm Tractor

LD4L22 diesel engine,35HP,4WD,4 cylinders
PTO 540rpm
7.5L/H-- fuel consumption per hour
middle 8F+2R shift Single-stage clutch (it is not shuttle shift,electronic change)
Power  steering
6.0-16/9.5-24 TYRE
4 wheel drive
Spline with 6 teeth,rear 3points linkage
Strong hood,Europan hitch
Turf tyres.
Battery 12V.

Front/Rear ballast
Dual-stage clutch
8F+8R shuttle shift at the left side
Royal cabin with heater or fan
Multi-way valve--for attachments back or front mount
Air brake--air brake for the tailer
Roller bar,950mm width
Foton style hood--cover motor
540/720 rpm
different colors
front end loader 4in1 bucket,fork,blade,backhoe,round hay baler,etc
Answer and Question about TY354 tractor:

1.Pls send me the correct exact dimensions of the 354 (35HP-4WD) includingwheelbase.?
L*W*H3060*1420*1440mm,if with cabin is 3060*1420*2330mm, wheel base is 1559mm means from the front axle to rear axle center= front wheel center to rear wheel center.

2.i need professional explain of swing traction System ?
The main function is when attach the trailer, still can use rear PTO. The normally one when you attach the trailer , then can not use the PTO power.

3.about Air brake for trailer :what is the meaning ?Pls explain what a trailer has to do with it? Can it be used for inflating tires of the tractor, is there a connection to connect a tube ?
The air brake means: the tractor engine have air presser(air pump), then make the air in the air stocker, and the trailer have the brake, use the air make the trailer brake. Can not be used for inflating tires of the tractor, the trailer have the tube to connect the tractor air.

4.Shuttle shift=meant for switching from forwards and backwards without using the food pedal? It works electronically?
For the shuttle shift is like normal shift, just use mechanical function to change to forward and backward, not electronically.

5.do you have creeper shift for 354?
Yes, have,creeping shift is 3 gear and 16F+4R shift,but need MOQ is 10sets, then we can set up,need +$250/set.

6.-Starting problems at 0° C or below(freezing) with 354?   we had this problem It is easy to start up for the tractor, the engine have warm-up system, but the temperature is too low, should fill the hot water in the water tank, the engine
will be same.
7.Turf tyres---Do you want the wheels in silver? i need picture of 354 with turf tyres if you have
The wheels in silver, means the rim be silver will be ok,we have turf tyres forTY354.

8. When we will need to change oil? he told me that change oil depends in hours ofuse from timer is that correct?
normally should be change the engine oil after working 20-30hours
then next time change oil around 200hours


1 x set of engine cover driving lights
1 x set of cabin work lights
1 x set rear lights
1 x front ballast weight ( price each )=$40,each weight is 8kgs
All moving pins for locating loader attachment
1 x alternator
1 x starter motor
1 x fuel pump
1 set of injector
1 x spare wheel + tyre front and rear(1pc front and 1pc rear wheel)
1 x radiator
1 set of radiator hoses
1 set of fan belts
1 full sets of oil filters
1 x air filters
1 x fuel filters
1 x exhaust muffler and pipe to manifold.
1 cabin door locks complete
1 x windscreen wiper complete
1 x exterior mirrors
1 x tow pins
1 x full set of wheel bolts and nuts=free
1 instrument cluster
1 x horn
1x rear 3points linkage
1 set rims (4pcs)
1x front tire with rim inside
1x rear tire with rim inside